Forntier Institute of Medical Sciences

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Farman Ullah Khan

Good education is prerequisite to human productivity and development process. An educated community is the infrastructure upon which an economically viable society can be built. VENP is a blend of technology and health sciences and it proposes to produce world class professionals who in turn will promote technology and health care system in Pakistan and abroad. VENP will always strive for excellence and will set higher standards in all sectors of education.

Our greatest acheivement

Education for Everyone

Frontier Institute of Medical Sciences started with the dream of making a significant change in the educational system. Frontier Institute of Medical Sciences believes that learning is a lifelong process. The quest to achieve new heights in terms of curriculum innovation and teaching methodologies has resulted in constant pursuit of creating a institute of excellence. The school aims to provide a happy, purposeful, safe and nurturing environment to help learners achieve sustainable success in life.