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Masters in Library & Information Sciences(MLIS)


Masters in Library & Information Sciences (MLIS)

The Master of Library and Information Studies referred as MLISc, is the master’s degree that is required for most professional librarian positions in the United States and Canada and now in Pakistan. The MLISc is a relatively recent degree; an older and still common degree designation for librarians to acquire is the Master of Library Science (MLS), or Master of Science in Library Science (MLISc) degree. According to the American Library Association (ALA), “The master’s degree in library and information studies is frequently referred to as the MLS; however, ALA-accredited degrees have various names such as Master of Information Studies, Master of Arts, Master of Librarianship, Master of Library and Information Studies, or Master of Science. The degree name is determined by the program. The ALA committee for accreditation evaluates programs based on their adherence to the Standards for Accreditation of Master’s Programs in Library and Information Studies, not based on the name of the degree.

Eligibility Criteria for MLISc:

B.A/B.Sc or with second division or equivalent.