Vertex Education Network (VENP) Professional Development Excellence Program comprises of
five interconnected domains:
1. The Curriculum Framework
2. Pedagogical Framework
3. Assessment Framework
4. Student Development Framework
5. Talent Development Framework
Looked at in totality, the frameworks articulate VENP’s comprehensive approach towards providing quality learning experiences for every student who passes through the doors of VENP.
VENP students are assured of a holistic learning voyage where they are equipped with relevant skills, attitudes and knowledge that enable them to pursue endless possibilities in life.

Our mission is to develop learning and living environments where students can:
• Move toward an integrated sense of personal identity and life goals;
• Safely explore and understand choices as they relate to healthy behaviors, community values, and mutual respect;
• Be engaged in processes that promote student responsibility, leadership, and service.
HOW PDE WORKS The Professional Development Excellence programme includes additional qualifications, professional skills, relevant management and communication skills acquired through additional training and experience. These aspects are grouped into the following four different categories of training, namely:
Formal education:
Acquiring knowledge through accredited programmes and related education in management, Law etc. Such activities includes face-to-face education, distance education and others like diploma courses of a minimum six months duration involving specialist presenters or resource persons who are external to the workplace.

It includes attendance of structured educational or developmental meetings over a period of time like conferences, workshops, seminars and refresher courses from registered institutions.
It includes on-job learning that takes place because of the workplace requirements like working in a hospital, laboratory or project related to the profession.
Publications of articles in reputed refereed journals, part time lecturing in an approved institution, participation in medical camps organized by accredit organizations/institution, participating in global observance days related to profession etc.

Conduct of Professional Development Activities PDE shall ensure and manage professional development activities for students of VENP (Vertex Education Network) in all it’s approved and accredit campuses in terms of its obligation under the requirements of professions. PDE shall ensure that these activities are carried out in a fair, equitable and responsible manner without any profit motives. Students must produce a minimum of 08/04 PDP’s (Professional Development Points) per year/semester from Developmental Activities i.e Workshops/Seminars.
Internship program is the most important factor of Professional Development Excellence framework. i. After completing the requisite PDP’s, VENP will select individuals to work 2 weeks internship in a local hospital/polyclinic etc to get hands on experience. This type of internship is not paid. ii. After completing the program and required PDP’s, VENP will select individuals to work on paid internship @ Rs. 5000/- per month (initially) for 2 months in a local hospital/polyclinic to get valuable experience and promote the good reputation of VENP in the professional field. This internship amount is shared by AFLAAK Foundation, VENP Directorate and the relevant campus.